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Book Cover: Cult to Christ

9780994295316It was 1991 and Elizabeth was just sixteen years old when she entered her first English class of the year at a brand new school and laid eyes on a stranger seated across the room.

[Excerpt below]

What would you say if somebody told you that was the man you were going to marry one day?

It went through my mind exactly as if I had read it on a wall, a rudely confronting and unwelcome mental graffiti that shook me to the core. Inaudible, but shouted down the megaphone of my consciousness; phrased as a bizarre question rather than a prophetic statement. I stood frozen in the doorway, eyes unwillingly fixed on the ‘man’ undoubtedly in question, who was actually not much more than a boy …

Apart from a complete lack of attraction on my part, forming a relationship at school was out of the question. I was a professing member of God’s only true church on earth and we didn’t get involved with outsiders … I was fully committed to my faith in the ‘only true way’, and nothing was going to jeopardise that.

This confronting and deeply personal account gives an insight into the mindset of cult members, and reveals the fear and trauma associated with being forced to investigate your own beliefs, knowing it could destroy the foundations of everything you believe.


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The Church with No Name and the Legacy of the Living Witness Doctrine