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Cult to Christ Book Reviews

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“I especially liked the tone of this expose. It was truthful without being vicious. It was helpful without being pushy. Definitely recommend this book to all who are still in a religious cult or have been in one. It is a bright light shining out of the darkness. Perfect length. Easy to read.”  – Patricia Wheeler [Amazon Review]

“Thank you for putting into words the things many of us just could not nail with words of description!”

“We devoured your book within days of receiving it in the mail. We so relate to your story and have also learned (after reading your book) how the brain washing has effected the way we think and live our lives, even though we have been free for over 20 years.”

“Thank you so much for the book. It is well written. God has been on a real journey with you. Praise His name, He is not finished with us yet.”

“Well, this won’t be a very popular review among many who know me. Change some names, change some places – this book is the story of my life. I read it in one day, cried several times, and am thankful that Elizabeth Coleman was brave enough to write it.” – Thomas, Amazon.com review

“I had been a member of this church for 22 years, I have been out for almost 2 years. This book is well researched in the church’s history and clearly explains the doctrine its members/workers believe. I was glad the author shared her personal experiences in the fellowship and her journey of faith that lead to a personal relationship with Jesus Christ, unmediated by the workers and friends. Thank you, this book has been healing for me.” – MSMary, Amazon.com review

“I am currently reading your book. I have stayed up almost 2 entire nights reading it. It has stirred up so many emotions with me. I left Truth [a few years] ago…. I grew up on the convention grounds and lived my life trying to live up to the standard the workers and my father held… trying to be ‘an example’. I grew up in a very strict family. How crushing it was to find out the truth.. about the Truth! I am writing you because I want to say a GREAT BIG THANK YOU for having the courage to write your experience. It has helped me so much. I will read your story over and over as I continue to heal from the past.”

“I just wanted to tell you that I enjoyed reading your book so VERY much and it resonated with me. I know you will have detractors but I want you to know that this book will be an important book for so many people.”

“Just downloaded “Cult to Christ” and read the entire book. I put it up there with Swindoll’s book [The Grace Awakening] as a first read for those just exiting the fellowship. Elizabeth’s book puts the human element in the experiencing of Grace upon which Swindoll expounds. Thanks Elizabeth for writing of your experiences.”

“I got my copy of your book tonight and have read the first few chapters!! Simply a GREAT read! I am already upset that its past my bed time — wishing this were a Friday night so I did not have to stop reading! I am sure I will finish it before the weekend gets started!”

“We have just finished reading the kindle version of your book and we would have to give it a 10 out of 10. An excellent read. So grateful that you have taken the time and effort to write such a book. We laughed and cried as we read it. It was so closely aligned to our experience.”

“I have just finished reading your book cult to Christ, it’s been an inspiration to me as, after [over 40] years professing, I have left the “Truth”, … but left in my heart many years ago, even though I was not aware. Thank you for all you so bravely shared, I could relate to so much… I now know what it means to have that indwelling spirit of Jesus, life has not been an easy road, but I wake each day with renewed faith and look forward to whatever God’s will is for me.”

“Congratulations on your book, I began reading last night and couldn’t put it down until I finished, you have written a thought provoking book that many can relate to. I especially liked your advice to attend Bible study groups and also the problems adjusting after leaving.”

“This is an excellent book, and I don’t give praise lightly. Elizabeth is a gifted writer, and has expressed her journey to freedom extremely well in this intriguing narrative of growing up in a sect that claims to be God’s only right way. This unique and fascinating true story provides a revealing glimpse into a nameless worldwide home church.”
Cherie Kropp, www.tellingthetruth.info and author of The Church Without a Name and the Life, Ministry and Legacy of William Irvine

“Reading this book brought tears, smiles and thankfulness for what I consider is a book that everyone should read. It is so well written and holds your interest throughout. It is a book that should be made available to every person who is currently part of this group, anyone considering fellowship with them, or anyone who has never heard of this church which claims to have no name. I wish it had been available many years ago as I think it would have changed the course of my life … but then I wouldn’t have known so many dear people who have experienced more difficulties than I, and are rejoicing today as ex-Two-by-Twos.”
– Joan F Daniel, Compiler of Reflected Truth – Former Workers and Followers unmask Life in a Large, Little-known Sect 

“Elizabeth Coleman writes a fresh and clear description of her spiritual journey from growing up in a family that had long religious connections with the sect variously known in the USA, Australia, and other countries as ‘The Way’, ‘The Church’, ‘The Two-by-Twos’, and also by other names internationally… This brave work reveals the true colours of the power to silence that preachers believe they hold over quietly obedient members of the fellowship. I recommend this book to any reader interested in the ‘Two-by-Two’ fellowship, and also in the practise of conditioning of cult or sect members.”
– Helen Parker, co-author with Doug Parker of The Secret Sect

“Elizabeth describes her childhood inside the cult and her love for God and family but most importantly how God led her to faith in Christ alone. Aside from the excellent details about doctrinal beliefs, she has done an incredible job of explaining the emotional, spiritual, mental and physical stress that it takes to leave the Two by Two fellowship. I praise God that someone has written a book that covers all the bases. Elizabeth has gumption. She never backed down from the workers’ on a face to face conversation. She describes situations, people, emotions, places and events with such accuracy that you can feel them. She gives her story from a woman’s perspective which is different and perhaps more difficult than a man’s experience. Women and girls have more rules to follow and are more visible in demonstrating the mind control; which proves they believe the Lie or not. And women are usually more attached to their family of origin and want to please their parents with all their hearts. Whether one is a man or woman makes no difference….the 2×2 “spirit” destroys one’s identity and will. The workers use the devotion people feel towards their family to leverage their power in the members’ lives. One must overcome deep attachments, just as Jesus said in Matthew 10:37, ‘He that loves father and mother more than me is not worthy of me: and he that loves son or daughter more than me is not worthy of me. And he that takes not his cross and follows me is not worthy of me.’ This book should be on every Ex 2×2’s shelf and on their gift list.”
– Kathleen Lewis, author of The Church Without a Name

This biography is a wonderful account of God’s sovereign, transforming work in Elizabeth’s life.  Elizabeth has opened her heart to show how God tore her away from a cult known by some as the Two-by-Twos, or the Church With No Name, and how He instilled in her the Truth of the saving work of Christ.  She recounts the many years of emotional struggles and trauma as God worked to bring her into a true relationship with Himself. Once she understood the truth of the gospel Elizabeth recognised clearly the deception and lies she was brought up with by the Two-by-Twos ‘Workers’.  She realized how the Bible was misconstrued for the idolatrous protection of their system. “The ultimate irony is that the Two-by-Twos ministry, which claims to be the only one not man-made, is exactly that.  The Friends (adherents) do not believe ultimately in Jesus as the way of salvation, they believe in their ministry – a system – as the way of salvation.  Take away the method of ministry, and what gospel remains?” (Page 198).
The moralism and legalism emphasised by the Workers is the same as that of the Pharisees that Christ denounced.  How can a group of people today who hold the Bible in their hands get it so wrong?  Preaching group exclusivity and against ‘worldliness’, of which those ‘evil’ Christian Churches are a part, are some of the answers.
This is a great read.  Elizabeth warned me that once I started I wouldn’t be able to put the book down.  I didn’t believe her but at nearly 2am in the morning I still had it in my hand!  Elizabeth suffered a traumatic trial which God gave and turned it for her ultimate blessing. Through her this blessing extends to those around and involved with her.  Her story is God’s story and her emphasis is that all glory goes to Him.
– Russell den Dulk

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